Logo designer for the Not Casual Wear clothing brand.

Banner design for the WakeUpBlocking Twitch channel. [link]


Artist Showcase, Neo magazine

Lead Artist, UFO Adventure (EXM Games)

Lead Artist, Wacky Zombie (EXM Games)


Character artwork for the GadgetGirlKylie YouTube channel. [link]

Manual artwork, Reflectron (Aetherbyte). [link]

Character Artist, Thieves' Guild (fan mod for Rune)

Lead Artist, Crazy Memory (EXM Games). [link]

Inventory Artist, Trailer Park King 3DD (Freelance Games). [link]


Album cover artwork for MC I-Pod. [link]

Character artwork for the real-world remake of Card Fighters Clash. [link]

Logo design for indie musician 'Trate'.

Inventory and location artwork for the Freelance Games X-Box 360 graphic adventure, Trailer Park King 3DD.

Character artwork for the Purgatory Games card game, Cliché Conflict. [link]

Custom Virtua Fighter themed arcade joystick design for 'Belligerent_Feck' on VirtuaFighter.com. [link]

Avatar, background, splash screen for 'FightingGameAddict' on YouTube. [link]


Packaging artwork for the 'Daedalus' Neo-Geo Convertor (arcade gaming hardware).

Splash screen and background for 'ChocoToken' on YouTube. [link]